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Christina Watkins is pleased to present this timeless collection of emotionally charged poems flowing seamlessly from their English to Spanish translations. Come explore serene wistfulness, disturbing memories, enchanting dance rhythms and so much more as Christina takes us on a journey of wisdom and imagination! 
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An Excerpt:
The ancients say 
sky and earth are married.
Breezes and blossoms
volcanoes and tornadoes
are born of their intimacy.
Incessant changing and eternal touching
are part of purpose.
We who touch and part
share a purpose of the heart.

-Christina Watkins
Dicen los antepasados
que el cielo y la tierra
estan casados.
La brisa y las flores,
los tornados y los volcanes
nacen de su intimidad.
El cambio incesante y
la union eterna
participan en el proposito.
Nosotros que nos tocamos
y luego nos separamos
compartimos el mismo anhelo del corazon.

-Christina Watkins