Poems for the Journey

Poems for the Journey - Christina Watkins

By Christina Watkins

Poems for the Journey

This collection of poems tells stories about a few people and events which have been formative in the poet’s life. Carefully selected and told from the poet’s heart, these poems invite readers to consider their own personal formative experiences with people, places and events.

The photos on the pages immediately in front of each poem prompt readers’ own memories and imaginations.

Publisher : Matchstick Literary (December 21, 2020)

Language: : English
Paperback : 48 pages
ISBN-10 : 1648589669
ISBN-13 : 978-1648589669
Item Weight : 3.68 ounces
Dimensions : 5.98 x 0.12 x 9.02 inches

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Laurianne G.Turner

This book serves as a beautiful companion in your journey in life. The content makes you wanna organize your thoughts and think of positive things that make you wanna do good. The writing is inviting readers to consider things and every option from different angles amidst life’s adversities. I’m pretty sure readers will enjoy this masterpiece! It’s one good book.

Mary Douthwaite

Christina Watkins holds a Masters of Divinity.
As reflections on her own life, the eleven poems in Poems for the Journey offer a quiet awareness of the immensity of Spirit in her life, in the people she has loved:  “how much larger we are than we seem to be”, “all of us are diamonds”.
Even when Christina’s subject is shocking (e.g. a priest who dies of AIDS, a cardiologist who shoots a man), the quiet of the lines describes a Spirit larger than that subject.  The final poem, “Calling” suggests the unity all life as One Spirit.  As reflections on one personal life, these poems about Spirit are accessible to everyone.

Amelie Jane T. Carlington

I find the book to be entertaining and worthy of your time. It’s splendidly written, and the lessons from every page offer you a sense of relief from whatever sufferings you are facing right now. I find the book to be transformational and it makes you want to repair broken relationships you’ve had over the previous years. If you want to be happy again, then this book is for you.

Danielle W. Skinner Jr.

The content is honest and raw. The poems in this collection are pretty much relatable as it gives readers the peace of mind they’ve actually been longing for. I’m honestly feeling the author’s journey, and poetry has always been my most passionate obsession. I believe these words being shared are meant for healing and I’m rating this book five stars!

Rhonda Jane W. Summers

Such a beautiful book and I really felt a sincere connection with the poems. The book tells stories about different people with inspiring lessons that enable you to reflect upon your own life. The writing also prompts readers to lookback on their memories and gives value to what’s really important. I’m highly recommending this to everyone who wants to feel alive again! Five stars for this book.

Annaliza D. Covington

Through this book, I was given hope and a chance to start over. The inspirational words from the author made me realize a lot of things. I now do meditations and share my struggles with people around me just to inspire them to do better. The poems touched the inner depths of my soul and my self-esteem boosted. I was able to appreciate how important it is to have personal growth, kudos to the author, good book indeed.

Sarah Payton H. Bessey

A poignant collection of poems aimed to touch people’s lives. The content is insightful and full of life. I wanna share this book to everyone I know whose going through a tough time in their lives right now. With the profound words being shared by the author, you get to navigate the parts of your life that needs changes. Painful as it may be we all have to face our fears and this book has taught me to be strong no matter what.

Heather W. Hoffberger

You have to savor every page and think how you can improve your thinking towards living a positive outlook in this world. The book is transformative and clearly rooted to the genius minds of Miss Watkins. The writing is truly exquisite and essential to our daily lives; you have to read it to understand. It’s a very special book that I’m rating more than five-stars. Good read indeed!

Dannicka E. Putnam

This is by far one of the most beautiful book I’ve ever read so far. It’s totally worth my time, and I have full appreciation to the author for writing such a wonderful book. If you love poems that really strikes the heart, then this book is for you. You have to give yourself that love and buy this book immediately, don’t waste time anymore. My heart just expanded and it’s beyond imaginable.

Clarisse P. Rankine

Some poems were whimsical and funny, and others were very inspirational. I can attest that after reading the book, you will smile and laugh and be enlightened! I want the readers to experience the feeling I had when reading the book. We must all celebrate life through the eyes of poetry. The writing is deep and congratulations to the other for sharing her powerful perspective on the world.

Herman K. Lentz

I’ve always been a fan of books about poems about life experiences. It gives me insights and the feelings are just way too personal to discuss. This book is written in full author’s creativity and great imagination. I think her main goal is to connect with others and share different experiences of life with other readers just like you reading this one. Have a blessed journey throughout your life! God bless us all.
5 stars

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