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Sky and Earth Ciello Y Tierra

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Published poet Christina Watkins’s new book released through Xlibris is entitled Sky and Earth Cielo Y Tierra. It is a collection of lyrical poems written in both English and Spanish. The languages face each other—one on one side of the page, the other across from it. The spiritual and reflective nature of the poems suit this unusual format. The poems in Sky and Earth Cielo Y Tierra were written over many years and will provide the reader with a sense of being on a journey with the poet.
“The two languages stand shoulder to shoulder on adjacent pages, and it is intriguing to observe how, while each presents its subject in a slightly different light, with a different texture and flavor, they touch the heart equally. The poems form a journey in which “wisest travelers” are “starlight led.””

“In this small collection of short, lyrical poems in free verse, written in both English and Spanish, Christina Watkins gently opens readers’ eyes to a world that glimmers with radiance of spirit. Without ever using the words “spiritual” or “religious,” she lifts the veil of reality just enough to allow the other worldly concepts to slip in unannounced.”

– Kristine Morris

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“Christina Watkins’ book of short metaphysical poems might remind readers of nimble, compressed forms such as haiku. True to its title, Sky and Earth, Cielo Y Tierra takes readers on a journey that is grounded in the earthly but offers flashes of the sublime and the transcendent.”

“Sky and Earth Cielo Y Tierra is a graceful collection that may appeal to readers with an appreciation for the rugged openness of the American West, the Spanish language and the sacred feminine.”

Blue Ink Review


Christina Watkins

Christina Watkins B.A. M.Div. teacher, soul friend, pilgrim, poet. I was born in Southern Ontario, Canada. Since I married my husband, who is a geologist, I have lived in Australia, Toronto, Mexico, Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec, Colorado, Arizona, and British Columbia. I have always and still do love to walk and hike and dance, listen to music and write poems, to read and go to the movies and attend theatrical or musical productions. I am a life long learner and life long teacher, I hope.


How the Poems Came To Be

Christina Watkins talks about her book of poems, “Sky and Earth Ciello Y Tierra” and what inspired the poems.

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Sky and Earth Cielo Y Tierra is a book of poetry about the balance of natural forces and the relationships of people living in the space between. There is a balance between the two poems facing each other. She marries the right words in both languages. The poet’s natural sense of rhythm, perhaps explaining her aptitude for dance, shines through in her writing as lyrical poetry. The poems have a compelling beat and expressive melody.

– Alison Walker, Pacific Book Review


The poems are written in free verse with excellent rhythm and compelling structure, whether you enjoy them in English, Spanish, or both. Each poem connects the reader with nature and, often lightly, with a sense of something bigger through dance, motherhood, and a subtle Religious tone. Readers who enjoy nature, dancing, and graceful prose will revel in the journey. This collection has broad appeal and a beautiful rhythm that makes each poem even more compelling when read in sequence. Watkins has composed poems that softly demand notice and deliver a lovely journey for those who read them.

– Olivia Farr, The US Review of Books