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Christina Watkins B.A. M.Div. teacher, soul friend, pilgrim, poet. I was born in Southern Ontario, Canada. Since I married my husband, who is a geologist, I have lived in Australia, Toronto, Mexico, Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec, Colorado, Arizona, and British Columbia. I have always and still do
love to walk and hike and dance, listen to music and write poems, to read and go to the movies and attend theatrical or musical productions. I am a life long learner and life long teacher, I hope.

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One Snowy Day in South Porcupine, Ontario, 1975

One Snowy Day in South Porcupine, Ontario, 1975

Here is a poem I recently wrote in January. I hope you will enjoy it. It's called "One Snowy Day in South Porcupine, Ontario, 1975" In the time when eyelashes turned white in the coldI cross country skied most winter days.The babysitter arrived just after three...

There is an Opening

There is an Opening

Not far from San Sebastian we visited the B&B that was once the hacienda of actor-director John Huston. On the property there were remnants of an abandoned silver mine and remnants of the swimming pool John Huston had built for Elizabeth Taylor who visited there...


The poems are written in free verse with excellent rhythm and compelling structure, whether you enjoy them in English, Spanish, or both. Each poem connects the reader with nature and, often lightly, with a sense of something bigger through dance, motherhood, and a subtle Religious tone. Readers who enjoy nature, dancing, and graceful prose will revel in the journey. This collection has broad appeal and a beautiful rhythm that makes each poem even more compelling when read in sequence. Watkins has composed poems that softly demand notice and deliver a lovely journey for those who read them.